The iNDxer™

Proprietary technology platform

Nanopore Diagnostic’s proprietary technology platform, The iNDxer™, is a nanopore sensor for counting dilute amounts of nucleic acid biomarkers (e.g., DNA, RNA) directly in minimally processed samples.  The iNDxer™ bacterial diagnostic tests will target nucleic acid markers specific to specific microbes; the number of microbes in a sample can therefore be determined simply counting these markers. As a change sorter can quickly count all the pennies, nickels, and dimes in a change jar, the iNDxer™ will count nucleic acids specific to bad bacteria, viruses or fungi in a minimally processed sample.

The iNDxer allows for results in minutes through; 1) Increased sensitivity allows testing without day long culture procedures, 2) The capacity to handle raw samples minimizing sample preparation requirements, and 3) The potential for portability allowing for point-of-need testing.