Tom Cohen, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Pipeline B&W

Dr. Cohen is an entrepreneur and scientist focused in the molecular diagnostic industry. He received his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from UC San Diego, and then conducted postdoctoral work in diagnostic technology development as a JCC Fund Fellow at Washington University in Saint Louis. Dr. Cohen was involved in non-profits promoting entrepreneurship throughout his academic career. He served as CEO of The UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge, which hosts a business plan competition for student-lead ventures, and then helped co-found The BALSA Foundation, a non-profit that offers grants and resources to first time entrepreneurs. Dr. Cohen was a 2014 fellow in the nationally-recognized Pipeline entrepreneur development program.



Christoph Bausch, Ph.D., MBA

Co-Founder, Board of Directors

ChristophDr. Bausch has over 18 years of technical and business experience commercializing platform technologies within the life science industry. His academic training included a PhD in microbiology, MBA, and post-doc research at The Stowers Institute.. He then has served as a Sr. R&D scientist, Strategic Marketing Analyst, and Manager of Business Development for Sigma-Alrich and currently serves in an executive position as the Director of Strategy and Technology with POET.  Dr. Bausch co-founded Nanopore Diagnostics and is still actively involved serving on the board of directors and assisting with strategic direction.



Somes Das, PhD

Senior RSomes current photo&D Lead

Dr. Das has a biophysical and chemical engineering background spanning academic professor and industrial senior scientist positions.  He has a highly relevant knowledgebase for Nanopore Diagnostics having focused his career on nanopore-based technologies and their applications.





Additional Directors and Advisors

Charlie Bolten – Board of Directors, Investor at Biogenerator

Suren Dutia, MBA – Board of Directors, Kauffman Senior Fellow

David Smoller, Ph.D. – Commercialization advisor, Strategic Partner, CBO at Horizon Discovery, 

Liqun Gu, Ph.D. – Technology inventor, lead scientific advisor (SAB), Professor at MU

Gregory Storch, MD – Clinical Advisor, Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine.  Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratories, St. Louis Children’s Hospital.