Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a rapid and portable platform for counting microbes right at the point-of-need.

By combining rugged portability with the ability to detect over 50 distinct microbial targets (bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic) the iNDxer offers a field-based screening and diagnostic tool not possible with the technologies on the market today.  In addition, it will be rapid and easy-to-use with a 30-minute sample collection to answer turnaround time and a completely contained, all-in-one assay.  Whether on the farm, on the food processing line, or in the human health clinic the iNDxer allows for microbiology lab quality testing to be conducted directly at the point-of-need.


Increased Sensitivity

Enables detection without the long culture times required in other methods to increase the number of microbes in a sample before testing.


Allows for point-of-need testing eliminating transit time to a microbiology lab.