Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a 30-minute test for diagnosing bacterial infections.

Gold standard bacterial diagnostics take days, “cutting-edge” tests just hitting the market still require hours. Physicians wanting to treat a patient during an initial examination therefore have no choice but to make antibiotic decisions without definitive diagnostic information. This is an incredibly inefficient process; it has lead to 50% of all antibiotics prescribed in the US being either not needed or suboptimal as prescribed. This staggering antibiotic misuse is skyrocketing healthcare costs by $35B annually, furthering antibiotic resistance, and worsening patient outcomes.

The test Nanopore Diagnostics is developing will move beyond diagnoses made on symptoms alone by determining if an infection present, and then providing comprehensive details on the infection, in only 30 minutes. This will inform physicians first seeing a patient what antibiotic, if any, is needed.

Nanopore Diagnostics highly sensitive and portable core technology, the iNDxer, enables microbiology lab quality testing to be conducted right at a patient’s side.


Increased Sensitivity

Enables detection without the long culture times required in other methods to increase the number of infectious microbes in a clinical sample before testing.


Allows for point-of-care testing eliminating transit time to a microbiology lab.