Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a 30-minute test for diagnosing bacterial infections.

Current bacterial diagnostics take days. Physicians therefore often rely on a patient’s symptoms alone when prescribing antibiotics. As this is an inefficient practice it has lead to 50% of all antibiotics in the US being improperly prescribed. Antibiotic misuse increases healthcare costs $35B annually by extending hospital stays, increasing therapeutic expenses, inducing additional health complications, and further spreading antibiotic resistance. At Nanopore Diagnostics we aim to halt this costly misuse with a 30-minute test that will ensure physicians know exactly what they are treating before making an antibiotic decision.

Our highly sensitive and portable core technology, the iNDxer, will enable microbiology lab quality testing to be conducted right at a patient’s side.


Increased Sensitivity

Enables detection without the long culture times required in other methods to increase the number of infectious microbes in a clinical sample before testing.


Allows for point-of-care testing eliminating transit time to a microbiology lab.